satira: Stranger than Fiction

I would like to pitch this idea I have for a movie. Let me know what you think!
So: We’re in a luxury rental house on a Mediterranean island. Although it’s expensive, the interior looks cheap and generic. We see two men and a woman. The men are excited in a way that reminds you of drunken pubescent boys pumped up on their freshly produced testosterone. The woman looks lethargic. We very soon realise that one of the men is Austria’s vice chancellor and he is in the middle of trying to sell his country to Russia. The younger man is his prince and drilled successor, and with the air of an overly excited puppy, he plays gun charades to illustrate which companies have illegally donated money to the neo-fascist party. Both men are jacked up on cocaine.
The over-the-top masculinity that they are performing turns grotesque, like a parody of themselves. We do not see the other people in the picture, the buyer of Austria, a young, beautiful, wealthy niece of a Russian oligarch, and her translator. But we know that they are there, and we know that she is beautiful, because the vice chancellor keeps pointing this out to his faithful partner in crime. His words are profane and tacky. It sounds like lines from a really cheap pornographic clip. Then comes a drastic cut. What we see now is a press conference in which the vice chancellor portrays himself as a victim and his Sancho Panza, who’s in panic, claims he was drugged by an infamous substance often used for date rapes. The viewer gets confused. What the hell really went on in that house after the cut? How far did the situation escalate? Next scene: the streets of Vienna. Tens of thousands of people are cheering out of happiness, they are finally free from the evil oppressors. A big red bus glides into the picture. On its roof are the 90’s Eurotrash pop-act Vengaboys, singing the song of the Austrian Revolution. Fade out. To be continued. What the fuck will happen next???


Denice doubts that anyone will buy her script. The story is just too unbelievable.


Illustration: Sabrina Wegerer

Illustration: Sabrina Wegerer



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