neuland: From virtual world to physical world

alltägliche grenzerfahrungen


“Willhaben” is a famous website for all Austrian people. As a stranger in this country, it was also strange to me, but from now on, we are familiar with each other due to several brilliant reasons.
Firstly, and with a help of my friend, I have just discovered “Willhaben” as a useful website to get a low priced second-hand item, and even better, sometimes people give their items away for free. It was definitely the right place for me. Secondly, I have been discovering each single district in Vienna, from east to west and from south to north, using all kinds of public transportation and all lines. I started basically with metro U1 till U6, from tram D till tram 71, including local lines and busses. Of course with “Qando Wien App” helping. As time went on, I ultimately found myself as a professional discoverer in Vienna, without being with a tour guide; I was able to pick up all the items which I needed for my new home.
Now moving on to the third superb reason which really has made me so excited and proud to know “Willhaben”: I got to know light-hearted Austrian people! Further they are not only nice people but also friends – for the time we had to connect each other in order to fix the deals. A series of haphazard encounters have created an unexpected light in my heart.
For example, after 27 emails, Niki and I could eventually make the carpet deal done. And Liza as well, after she reserved the couch and the corner seat for me for two months. In the end, she brought them to my home. I am particularly proud to have some new extraordinary friends. I am also proud to have both of them as friends in my tiny society in this country.
Lastly, there is no need to mention how much I improved my German. Basically, most of those people only speak German language, because it is their mother tongue. Definitely, it was a perfect chance to practice and exercise what I have learned in my German course at the same time.
Some people might consider “Willhaben” as an advertisement website only, but for me, it was and actually is more than just this. It is a surprising and enjoyable experience that makes me realize something that I previously had not known:
Regardless if it is our decision to live in another country or not, it depends on the methods we use, how we find our way to live a new happy life and belong to this new country.


Kawkab Aked is now settling in Vienna after her asylum has confirmed.





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