lesbennest: It’s Raining Misogyny

the fabulous life of a queer femme in action

„Oh honey! You’re so funny and fabulous, you don’t seem like a lesbian at all!!!“ is not a compliment, ok? I have quite a lot of (flamingly) gay friends, which is apparently unusal for a lezzzbian. This becomes obvious in party contexts, where I am often read as a fag hag. Which is of course utterly absurd, since if anyone is anyone’s hag here, it will be them being my dyke mikes! I love my flaming gays with their cliché dramaqueen gestures accompanying their outrageous stories, I really do. But if there is one thing I am so fucking tired of it’s the extremly outdated and tiresome dyke-jokes that rain down on me every single time. Like an obligatory part of some gay male repertoire. And like typical men* they find it extremly amusing to make fun of women, in this case the stereotype „boring lesbian“, while thinking that they are somehow protected from being sexists since they are, well, gay. Fish jokes, bed-boredom, lack of humour, lack of style, lack of penis … the list can go on forever. Hahahaha … Super funny! Not. I have to honestly say that I can’t think of a single time where I brought one of my gays to the dykes and the evening entertainment ended up with poking fun at gross balls, lack of intellectuality and a horrifyingly bad taste in music. According to a very scientific proof (that I made up myself), there is no pattern of general gay jokes having been integrated in our lesbian herstory. Are we nicer? Is that it? No. We just have more interesting things to talk about, like saving the fucking world or how to stop rapists. But since I do like getting back at bullies, imagine my delight when I found a website dedicated at ridiculing gay men dating dudes who look like their identical twin. Now THAT is funny, honeys!

Illustration: Nadine Kappacher

Illustration: Nadine Kappacher

As always, Denice reserves the right to make extreme generalizations to prove her point. She of course also has gay friends who are not remotely close to the stereotype pictured in this text. Also a sorry about the categories „lesbian“ and „gay“ (meaning gay men*) for this text. BTQQIA and all the other letters of our rainbow alphabet were yet again made invisible. Will compensate!

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