lesbennest: Everytime We Fuck, We Win!

the fabulous life of a queer femme in action

I have a new job to add to my very „interesting“ CV: Porn Curator! Bam! If anyone had told me this ten years ago when I was a very convinced member of the PorNo movement, that person would have been found the next day tied to a tree
with my dirty panties shoved down their throats. „Porn is the theory and rape is the practice“, was very high up on my list of the Ten Feminist Commandments. So what changed my mind so radically? Well, one thing was that my vehement anti-porn agenda made me very sex-negative. I couldn’t quite figure out where the „bad“ porn ended and the „good“ porn began. Porn was porn was porn. I already felt extremely guilty about my hardcore masturbation fantasies, and I was convinced that they were all a product of both a history of abuse as well as of a straight misogynist society. But then I watched „Pour une nuit“ by Emilie Jouvet, and something happened inside of me. An epiphany. I saw all those awesome, feminist people fisting, fucking, spanking, playing. And they did it consensually. Somebody once said that „Porn is our fantasies being acted out in front of a camera by professionals“. That is how it should be. And that is also where we step in: the queer feminist fighters! My suggestion is to beat the sexist assholes in their own game. Watch, buy and make awesome (queer)feminist porn! I’ve gained more knowledge about sexercise than I’ve done in my whole 23 years of being a bona fide slut by watching a gazillion films to be able to put together the ultimate porn program. I’ve seen so many hairy cunts, armpits, legs and asses being hot and beautiful that it’s been easier for me letting my ladyshave collect dust on my shower shelf. Big bellies and stretchmarks. Toys I didn’t even know existed. Gaffa, clothespins and lollipops. Punk attitude, laughs and talking; dare to tell your partner(s) what you want. In conclusion: queer feminist porn is brilliant and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Illustration: Nadine Kappacher

Illustration: Nadine Kappacher

Denice is „porn again“ and co-curating a porn programme for the Vienna film festival „this human world“, which will take place from December 4–13. She swears on her Bourbon soul that you don’t want to miss it!

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